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The Online Movement University is one of the best investments I've made in education. And I have two Bachelor degrees. - Diana Ngo

I have stayed [in OMU] because of the amazing opportunities to learn from the best teachers in the connect with a global community. The biggest reason I have stayed and will forever be a part of OMU is family...transcending the physical movement practices to deeper connections with myself, the practice, and the world around me. - Kyle Estep


You're not here to learn about your run-of-the-mill 'fitness' -- after all, anyone can make anyone else sweat.

You're here to move, expand your repertoire, and learn how to be a better mover.

Maybe you're looking for the best education on movement that you can find.

Maybe you want to learn from a great mentor and master a skill.

Maybe you want to find and train with other skilled practitioners.

The thing is, it's admittedly to find a place where you can truly develop your skills, receive a world-class education, and join a tight network of people...all at the same time.

But what if there were a place where the best instructors of human movement in the world taught?

Where you no longer had to search far and wide for a mentor to connect with?

Where you could go all-in and practice with people who were just as curious, excited, and dedicated as you were?

That's exactly why we created...

The Online Movement University.

(That's us -- from left to right, Daniel Murakami, Jon Yuen, and Jonathan Huynh-Mast. Between us three are 40 years of training, practice, and teaching professionally.)

Hi, we're the Headmasters, and we designed OMU to be the ultimate training ground for movers.

Each and every month, we invite the most skilled and renowned instructors of human movement to teach their area of expertise directly to our students through an online course.

But we have to warn you...we don't provide you with any certificates or degrees here.

We provide you with what really matters: hard-earned skills and results through education and effort.

So if you're looking for a place to add some letters to the back of your name or resume, you won't find it here.

Instead, you'll find a place where you can truly become the best mover you can be with the best people you can possibly be around.

And don't take our word for it.

Just listen to what our current members have to say about OMU:

When I joined OMU, I had no idea what I was in for. What I found was a diverse community of knowledgeable, passionate individuals looking to help each other become the best mover they can be, regardless of style or interest. I'm now family with gymnasts, dancers, acrobats, crossfitters, athletes, handbalancers, jugglers, and trainers all around the globe. - Benjamin Cary

And before you continue...

Check out this quick video message from one of our Headmasters, Jon Yuen.

"But what will I be learning if I join?"

We add new online courses every month, so there's no shortage of things to learn and explore.

As an OMU student, you'll get immediate and unlimited access to ALL of the course material in our vast library AND all future courses!

Take a look at them below:

Courses Included with Purchase

Task-Oriented Training
Taught by the Headmasters (Jon Yuen, Daniel Murakami)
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taught by Hunter Cook
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taught by the Headmasters (Jonathan Huynh-Mast, Jon Yuen)
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taught by Mikael Kristiansen
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taught by Jeremy Fein
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Fighting Monkey
Taught by Michael Ryan
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taught by Dr. Trisha Smith
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taught by Daniel Murakami
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Welcome Kit
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Secrets of the Weck Method: Coiling Core
Unlock the full potential of your Spinal Engine and become stronger, faster. Period.
Christopher Chamberlin (@savageprotocols)
Taught by Samantha Faulhaber
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taiji & DaoMove
Taught by Bjarte Hiley
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Taught by Yuri Marmerstein; by the end of this course, you will have a solid basis of understanding for a strong handbalancing practice.
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Card Tearing
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Animal Flow with Venus Lau
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Natural Parkour
with Rafe Kelley
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Pain Science
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Handbalancing with Ulrik Ask Fossum
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Rolling the Ropes
with Chris Chamberlin
The Online Movement University (OMU)
The Basis of Breath
Taught by Dr. Locatelli Rao
Dr. Locatelli Rao
Body Isolations & Musicality
The Online Movement University (OMU)
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Task-Oriented Training (Course & Program)
The Online Movement University
Wrist Levering
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Handbalancing w/ Harry Williams
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Fundamentals of Cardistry
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Community Calls
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Active Modalities in Sports Medicine
with Michael Ryan
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Manual Override: A User Guide to Visual & Vestibular Drills To Increase Function
with Chris Daly
The Online Movement University (OMU)
Conscious Conditioning
with Andrew Kalén Daish
Online Movement University
Respiratory Training for Strength
Online Movement University

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Taken separately, all of this education could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to invest in great teachers.

Not to mention that you'd have to make sure that they have enough time to teach you!

Why go through all that trouble when we've done the work for you?

As an OMU student, you'll be able to learn from any and all of these courses and the instructors who taught them.

In addition, you'll also get immediate access to our OMU community membership that exists worldwide!

So if you've been eager to learn...

Ready to join a group of people just like yourself...

...then we welcome you to OMU.

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We'll see you on the inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Online Movement University start and finish?
Good question - it starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced series of online courses - you decide when you start and when you finish each course. We also go through units LIVE each month, which means you'll get access to both all of the old courses and new ones that we put out each and every year!
How long do I have access to the course?
Depending on which enrollment plan fits best for your budget, you'll get access for as long as that plan's duration! For example, if you opt for the monthly plan, you'll get access as long as you stay each month.

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