The OMU Elements Workshop: Berlin, Germany [April 4th -5th, 2020]

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In this two-day workshop, we will work within two central themes of movement: the Internal and the External.

This workshop aims to:

a) provide not only tools, but frameworks and perspectives to help you deepen your understanding of the principles that underlie human movement and
b) maximize your application of this knowledge to both your professional and personal practice.

Specifically, we will be working directly in:
  • Controlling & Understanding (in)Tensions
  • The Foundation of Flow
  • The Physics of Motion
  • Task-Oriented Training
  • Structured & Unstructured Play
  • The Body as Rhythm

and more.*

The workshop will be led and taught by the three lead coaches and trainers of the Online Movement University: Jon Yuen, Daniel Murakami, & Jonathan 'Mirth' Huynh-Mast.

What to bring:
-A notebook & pen or pencil to take notes
-Clothing appropriate for movement (flat-sole shoes, long-sleeve shirt, etc)
-Appropriate Visa (if traveling from a foreign residence that requires one)

Workshop Location Address:
Berlin Dance Institute
Egelingzeile 6, 12103 Berlin, Germany

Dates & Time:
Saturday, April 4th 2020 (9:00am - 5:30pm)
Sunday, April 5th 2020 (9:00am - 5:30pm)


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*content subject to change.

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